Why Choose a Roatan Boutique Resort?

Once you’ve decided you want to visit Roatan and have your flight booked, you’ll need to get down to the business of choosing a place to stay.  Like any other destination, Roatan offers a wide range of accommodation styles.  There are all inclusive luxury hotels, backpacker friendly hostels and everything in between.  Boutique hotels are a relatively new phenomenon in the Roatan vacation accommodation game, but they have more than made up for their short history.  This article will go over some of the reasons why a Roatan boutique resort, like Blue Bahia can be an attractive place to stay for in-the-know travelers.

Boutique Resort Character

As opposed to chain hotels where uniformity and homogeneity are key components of the guest experience, boutique hotels are able to take on a lot more local character and personality.  Boutique hotels aren’t constrained by a chainwide branding system that requires them to follow strict rules regarding the look and feel of the property.  A boutique hotel is able to provide a unique experience that is tied into its local culture and way of life.  Whether utilizing unusual architecture, specialized decor or uncommon business practices, a boutique hotel is able to reflect the local atmosphere in a way that is unattainable for corporate chains.

Boutique Resort Service

Because boutique hotels typically have a smaller client base, it’s possible for the staff to get to know their guests much better than what would be typically found in a hotel with hundreds of rooms.  This allows hotel staff to become familiar with the distinct wants and needs of their guests and go over and above when it comes to providing personalized service.  The smaller client base gives staff the ability to focus their attention and specialize their treatment of the vacationers.  And because of this attention to detail, boutique hotels commonly recruit employees who take pleasure in providing this specialized treatment for the guests.  At Blue Bahia, the whole resort staff knows you by name and genuinely wants to make sure that they can do everything possible to ensure that you enjoy every moment of your vacation.

Boutique Resort Location

Boutique hotels have an advantage over chain hotels in that their footprint is much smaller.  This allows boutique hotels to locate themselves in places that chain hotels would have a hard time fitting in.  Whether it’s in the middle of a busy section of town or on an exclusive piece of incredible real estate, the smaller size of boutique hotels means they are able to harmonize with their surroundings much easier than larger projects like hotel chains.  When it comes to places of extreme beauty or proximity to local attractions, boutique hotels will usually have a distinct advantage over their larger competitors.

Boutique Resort  Guest Interaction

When people are ensconced in intimate environments they are more likely to connect with others who find themselves in a similar situation.  Rather than being surrounded by large groups of faceless multitudes, boutique hotels evoke an environment inhabited by individuals who have personal stories and shareable backgrounds.  A boutique hotel provides many more chances of connecting with fellow travelers than your conventional chain hotel.  This can be a great complement to not only the entire vacation, but with the sharing of experiences, many more vacations to come.

Boutique Resort Cost

It may seem surprising, but on average, boutique hotels will cost less than their chain hotel counterparts.  A lot of this has to do with the flexibility the owners of boutique hotels have when it comes to establishing their prices.  They aren’t forced to conform to standards demanded by a head office that’s probably located thousands of mile away.  Instead they’re able to tailor their decisions to confront the conditions that exist on the ground immediately in front of them.  Not only does this allow them to consistently offer better value for the money, it gives them the ability to react to extenuating circumstances with thought, compassion and perception.

Boutique Resort Size

As a whole, boutique hotels are known for being much smaller than the average chain hotel.  And although, in our size-oriented society, bigger is typically seen as better, when it comes to a place to stay, such as a Roatan boutique resort, smaller is definitely better.  On top of more personalized service, guests can be assured that their stay won’t be ruined by impersonal crowds and anonymous staff.  The vacation truly becomes a vacation when guests are welcomed into a relaxed and easy going environment. At Blue Bahia, with just 10 condos situated on a stunning beach strip along a quiet ocean stretch and featuring an on-site dive shop and restaurant, it is truly the perfect place to unwind, get away from the crowds and enjoy a personalized experience.



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