Why Become a Divemaster in Roatan?

Why Become a Divemaster in Roatan?

For those who are wondering whether they should continue with their scuba diving education to the level of PADI Divemaster, there may be some questions as to whether it’s worth the time, effort and money requires.  There’s no doubt that taking on the challenge of achieving professional qualification via PADI Divemaster certification is a huge commitment, but you’ll find you end up with much more than a simple piece of paper to hang on your wall.  Even if you aren’t planning on making a career out of it, there are a number of other benefits that come with course completion.  Why become a Divemaster in Roatan?  Read more to find out how this educational path can generally enhance your life.

Work Doing What You Love

If you’ve already gone through the process of completing the PADI Advanced Open Water course and the PADI Rescue Diver course, it’s obvious you already have a passion for scuba diving.  You’ve already done a large number of dives, learned a lot about safety and gear preparation and are qualified to take your PADI Divemaster course.  This will allow you to make scuba diving your profession.  Imagine that instead of working in an office, warehouse or factory that your working day will be spent in and around the ocean.  They say that if you work doing what you love you won’t work a day in your life.  The PADI Divemaster Course is a step towards that dream of being able to dive every day – and get paid for it! With the second largest barrier reef in the world running along the coast of Roatan, you will get to experience world class dive sites every single day.

Be Confident In Every Diving Situation

The PADI Divemaster Course will continuously challenge you with situations, both real and staged, that will teach you how to react in any type of diving circumstances.  You’ll be able to take care of yourself and others during emergencies and stressful situations while remaining calm and in control.  The Divemaster course will build upon what you’ve already learned in previous programs to the point that you can completely trust in yourself to react correctly in any situation imaginable.  Not only will this help in your diving, it will help you in your day to day life as well.

Meet People and Make New Friends

Because you can’t scuba dive just anywhere, diving schools attract people from all over the world.  You’ll be exposed to all sorts of different nationalities and cultures because of your common interest in diving.  You probably already know the feeling, but as a diver you become part of a worldwide community.  With your Divemaster certification, it’s not just students who you’ll get to know, you’ll also become part of an elite echelon of diving society.  Divemaster training puts a lot of very different people together because of their love of diving.  It’s very easy to feel truly comfortable when you’re surrounded by people who understand exactly what you’ve gone through.

Become An Agent Of The Ocean

As a Divemaster you have a responsibility to educate others to treat the ocean with care and respect.  Without the ocean and all that it contains there wouldn’t be any reason for diving.  Whether you realize it or not, going through the various levels of PADI certification will subconsciously enlighten you to the idea that you’re obligated to do your part in preserving the resources that the ocean offers.  This won’t be a burden, it will just be the way things are.  As a Divemaster you’ll be presented with numerous opportunities to teach and get involved with ocean conservation efforts that benefit the entire world.  Doing your part just comes naturally when you’re a Divemaster.

Learn Transferable Skills

If you’re planning to use your Divemaster certification to allow you to dive professionally, you’ll gain a number of skills that are crucial prerequisites for the job.  However, even if you don’t plan on becoming a pro diver, the skills you learn in a Divemaster course can be transferred to a wide variety of other professions.  Skills such as leadership, instruction, public speaking, first aid, risk management and customer service can all be employed in almost any industry.

Keep Fit

Staying in shape probably wasn’t the first thing on your list of objectives when you started thinking about enrolling in a Divemaster course, but it’s a pretty decent side benefit.  Lifting tanks, getting in and out of the water while fully equipped, helping learners and spending so much time diving will undoubtedly improve your physical fitness.

If you are considering becoming a Divemaster in Roatan, be sure to get in touch with Roatan Divers, our on-site dive shop, they are known for their fantastic training program. And don’t forget to ask about our monthly rates so you can stay at Blue Bahia while completing your course.

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