What to Pack for Your Vacation in Roatan

What to Pack for Your Vacation in Roatan

Heading out for a Roatan vacation is a very exciting thing.  But before you can take a deep breath, relax and know that all you have to do is make it to the airport on time, you’ll first need to pack your bags.  If you’re not a frequent traveller, this can be a stressful job.  To make this task a little bit easier we’ve come up with an article covering what to pack for your vacation in Roatan.Vacation in roatan

Check In Luggage

Luggage that can be checked in seems to be becoming an expensive option these days.  Airlines are starting to charge for everything possible and bringing more than carry on luggage can quite often cost you some extra money.  If you pay for check in luggage (or miraculously get it for free) you’ll have much more leeway when it comes to packing.  But you’ll still need to be smart.


Because liquids in your carry on luggage need to be in containers smaller than 3 ounces (100 millilitres) and fit into a one quart (1 litre) bag, if you have any larger liquid containers you’ll need to stow these in your check on luggage.  Regular sized bottles of suntan lotion, shampoo, contact lens solution, or your favorite bottles of wine, for example, need to be packed in your check in.  Ideally you should wrap them in plastic bags and use your clothing as a shock absorber to prevent breaking and spillage.


You won’t need a lot of bulky clothes in Roatan.  In fact, the clothes you wear on the plane should suffice when it comes to regular winter wear.  Beyond that pack some shorts, cotton shirts, underwear, a hat or two and some flip flops.  You probably won’t be wearing socks that often, so there’s no need to bring a fresh pair for every day of your vacation.  If you’re thinking of dressing up, a simple button up shirt for men or a sundress for women is probably all you need.  If you plan on doing some hiking you’ll also want to bring some sensible footwear.  A laundry bag will help keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones, although a plastic bag will easily do the job.

Snorkelling And Diving Gear

Roatan is known worldwide for its snorkelling and diving.  It’s close proximity to the second largest barrier reef system in the world allows even the most tentative swimmer to enjoy vibrant sea life.  If you have your own gear you can enjoy snorkeling right off the beach at Blue Bahia whenever your heart desires.  Throw your fins, mask and snorkel into your luggage and you’ll be set to go as soon as you arrive.

Carry On Luggage

As check in luggage has gotten more expensive, many people are eschewing the extra cost and simply bring carry on luggage alone.  This also makes your exit from the airport much quicker as you won’t have to wait for you check in luggage to be unloaded from the plane.  The beauty of a Roatan vacation is that you won’t need to bring bulky clothes which will put you over the carry on baggage weight limit.  There are some tricks to flying carry on only, so if this is the first time doing this, pay heed.


The hardest part of flying with carry on luggage only is staying under your liquid allotment.  As mentioned you’ll need to make sure all containers are small enough while fitting in a quart sized bag.  Suntan lotion and moisturizers might be the hardest to fit, especially when travelling to a tropical island.  And very often these things can be quite expensive in a tourist destination, so you might want to bring several small bottles to get you through the entire vacation.  As an added precaution, bring some bug repellent.  Certain areas can be quite uncomfortable without it.

Carry On Essentials

Your carry on bag will also be your emergency bag if most of your belongings are packed in your check in luggage.  So ensure you have any essential medicines, contact lens accessories and other necessities in your carry on.  Having a specific area set aside for your passport and boarding pass will prevent any last minute panic.  It’s also smart to bring a water bottle and snacks.  Remember, the airline will probably charge your for food and drinks these days as well.  You can make your flight a bit more comfortable with some reading material, earbuds, earplugs, eye mask, inflatable travel pillow, chewing gum, moisturizer and hand sanitizer.  Consider bringing a reusable grocery bag to keep under your seat with all your immediate essentials and avoid having to dig into the overhead compartment every time you need something.

Forget Something?

Don’t worry! We have a little store on-site with necessities and are just minutes away from pharmacies, grocery stores and shops. Just ask us!

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