What To Do In Roatan, Places to Stay in Roatan


Once you’ve made the decision to head to Roatan, you’ll want to start putting together a plan of what to do while you’re there.  Of course, because of the island’s warm weather and abundant sunshine, you might just want to lay on the beach all day, every day (more on that later!), but there are plenty of other activities to keep you occupied once you’ve found places to stay in Roatan.  Read this list to find out more.

Scuba Diving

Honduras is known to have some of the cheapest scuba diving prices anywhere in the world.  Along with being situated near the world’s second largest coral reef, this makes Roatan an ideal place for experienced or beginning divers.  If you’ve never scuba dived before, Roatan is not only an economical place to get certified, but the warm ocean and incredible underwater scenery means you don’t have to worry about the cold and will have plenty of interesting fish, animals and corals to look at while you’re learning the ropes.  For experienced divers, your costs will be low and you’ll have an incredible coral reef available to you. For those coming to stay with us at Blue Bahia, our on-site Octopus 5 star PADI dive center offers a discount to our resort guests.


For those who aren’t looking to go deep or get bogged down in all the extra equipment required to scuba dive, Roatan’s fertile waters provide plenty of colourful marine life for snorkelers as well.  Most beachfront shops will rent masks, fins and snorkels or you can bring your own.  There’s no doubt you’ll get a lot of use out of your snorkel gear in the island’s surrounding waters.  No need for a boat ride to find the marine action, you’ll be able to swim from almost any beach and find yourself in the thick of things. In fact, Blue Bahia Resort is one of the perfect places to stay in Roatan as there is stunning snorkeling right on our doorstep – no boat required.

Visit West End

West End is a mile long, paved strip of road that is lined with dive shops, small hotels, souvenirs, craft stores, bars, restaurants and mini marts.  The area has a fun, small island town type of feel and is the perfect place to wander, check out local handicrafts and grab some food or a drink.  This is a great area to spend a night out as the vibe is more relaxed than that of West Bay (more on West Bay below!)    If you’re looking to book water activities such as diving, boating or fishing, you’ll encounter endless possibilities here.  You’ll find dozens of piers reaching out into the ocean acting as a moor for fishing boats, water taxis and diving outfitters.

Check Out Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is the largest stretch of beach in West End and is a great place for swimming, snorkeling or just relaxing on the sand. It gets its name from its crescent shape and is beautifully lined with palm trees.  There’s plenty to see for snorkelers without the need for a boat ride out to the reef, although if it’s a boat ride you’re looking for, Half Moon Bay offers all types; kayaks, sailboats, glass bottomed boats, fishing boats etc.  For those who want to stay ashore, the palm trees provide plenty of shade and there is all sorts of food and drink easily accessible.

Visit West Bay

West Bay is busier than West End and features a lot of the same types of businesses, but bigger.  You’ll find bigger activity operators, bigger hotels and the larger West Bay Beach.  It’s actually possible to swim to the reef from West Bay Beach, so it’s a very popular place for snorkelers, divers and other water sports enthusiasts.  There are also roped off swimming areas to protect swimmers from boats.  West Bay is home to many of the large all inclusive places to stay in Roatan but definatley has a heavy tourist feel which some travelers prefer to avoid.

Go On A Boat Trip

One of Roatan’s obvious attractions is the ocean.  There are many outfitters who will take you out onto the ocean for whatever water activities you enjoy.  You can be taken out for snorkeling and diving, fishing or a simple pleasure cruise.  There are several islands near Roatan that are worth a visit or consider booking a relaxing sunset tour.

Ride A Horse

There are many outfitters who will take you for a ride on horseback.  Whether you’re an experienced equestrian or have never been on a horse before you can explore the beach or jungle on horseback.  Riding a horse is a great way to explore the island in a way that you couldn’t on foot or in a vehicle.  Many companies will provide a local lunch or dinner while showing you the flora and fauna of the area. Just up the beach from Blue Bahia offers horseback riding along Sandy Bay beach.

Have anything else in mind or questions about how you can make the most of your Roatan vacation? Get in touch and we will be happy to offer some suggestions!

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