The Best Things to do in Roatan

When booking one of the Roatan, Honduras resorts, you might initially think you’ll spend all your time sitting by the pool and relaxing in the sun.  However, after a few days you might find yourself getting the itch to do something different with your vacation time.  Luckily, Roatan offers plenty of opportunities for activities that require more than simply laying in a sunchair.  In this article we’ll go over a list of the best things to do in Roatan.

Scuba Diving

Roatan is known for some of the world’s best and most economical scuba diving.  The fact that it’s situated on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef means there’s plenty of fish, corals and other sea creatures to keep yourself occupied underwater.  Even if you’ve never scuba dived before, Roatan has several scuba schools to get you started and a wide range of underwater vistas for both the novice and experienced diver to explore. If you are staying at Blue Bahia, try a Discover Scuba diving crash course at our on-site dive shop, Roatan Divers. While in Roatan, take advantage of premium diving without the premium prices.



If taking lessons before you get out into the water isn’t your thing, Roatan is close enough to the reef system for snorkelers to easily reach.  There are dozens snorkeling sites around Roatan that are accessible from the beach which means you’ll have to stay for quite awhile if you want to explore them all.  Snorkeling sites in Half Moon Bay and off West Bay Beach are easily accessible as well as directly in front of Blue Bahia Resort and feature some of the best snorkeling in the world. In fact, don’t miss out on an opportunity to night snorkel at the dock in front of Blue Bahia. Once the sun goes down, this area is just teeming with marine life that typically hides during the day. King crab, lobster and octopus are known to be spotted at night.


Roatan has plenty of outfitters that will set you up with professional fishing tackle, take you out onto the water and bring you to the best fishing hotspots for that time of season.  Whether you’re looking to get some fish for a BBQ on the beach or you simply want to practice some catch and release, there’s never a lack of fishing guides to meet your needs.  Discover ocean fishing at its finest off the coasts of Roatan. You are also always welcome to bring your catch of the day back to The Beach Grill to be freshly prepared for your lunch or dinner.

Boat Tours

Check out Roatan’s coastline, get taken to some out-of-the-way snorkeling sites, see the reef from a glass bottomed boat or take to the water for an evening sunset cruise.  There are several different types of boat tours available around Roatan and it’ll be easy to find one that suits your desires.  As an added bonus, most of them will include drinks and snacks as part of the trip.

Swim With Dolphins

If you go to Anthony’s Key Resort in Sandy Bay, just a short walk up the beach from us, you’ll have an opportunity to swim with dolphins.  The resort offers dolphin encounters and educational programs for animal lovers of all ages.  Consider being a Dolphin Trainer For A Day or enrol your kids in the Dolphin Scuba Camp.  You also have the opportunity to interact with dolphins in their natural environment near Bailey’s Key.

Spa Treatments

Maybe watersports aren’t the kind of thing you’re looking for.  That’s okay too, because there are plenty of land based activities for visitors to the island.  Why not treat yourself to a day at the spa?  There are a variety of spas near most Roatan, Honduras resorts that offer massages, facials, relaxation therapies and all types of other bodywork.  You’ll find the prices are likely much lower than you’d encounter at home, whereas the practitioners are probably even more experienced.  Whether booking yourself in as a couple or going it solo, your body will thank you.

Zip Lining

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, zip lining might be more up your alley.  Whisk along highwires through the jungle while enjoying an amazing view at high speed.  Zip lining is one of Roatan’s most popular activities and there are several companies that offer the experience.

Animal Encounters

Roatan has several opportunities to get up close with native animal species.  Gumbalimba Park has a bird sanctuary, a monkey refuge and hundreds of free roaming iguanas.  Arch’s Iguana Farm was started by a local conservationist in response to iguana overhunting.  There are literally thousands of lizards on the property.  It is also quite common to see a number of exotic lizards and birds as you stroll along the beach.

Need any help finding the perfect activity for your vacation in Roatan? Just ask!

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