Going on a Roatan Vacation? Learn How to Really Relax!

Going on Vacation? Learn How to Really Relax

How many times have you listened to someone who just returned from vacation claiming they need another vacation to rest up?  It seems to happen more and more often these days.  Have things changed so much that our holidays are no longer considered a time to recharge, relax and get away from our everyday stresses?  Apparently, they have.  But the fact is, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Your vacation can be used for relaxation and getting away from it all – just like it was originally supposed to be.  You just have to make a conscious effort to make it turn out that way.  To help you achieve a sense of calm on your holiday, whether it is to Roatan or anywhere else, we’ve come up with a list of tips on how to actually relax on vacation.

Set Boundaries at Work

Our ability to be constantly connected has had the unintended consequence of making us unable to escape our work duties – even when we’re on holidays.  If you allow it, your employers, co-workers, and clients will eat up your holiday time and make it so you’re working while sitting by the swimming pool.  Set your boundaries before you leave.  Tell people you won’t have access to email (or at least, very sporadic access), set your out of office reply and leave it at that.  It can very tempting to log on to your work email but remember that this time away will help you once you get back.

Vacation Within Your Means

Of course, we all dream of flying first class, staying in five-star hotels and being chauffeured around in a limousine.  But the fact is that these luxuries aren’t just over-the-top expensive, they’re quite ephemeral as well.  Five years down the road you’re much more likely to remember the fabulous sunset you experienced walking along the beach in Roatan or the colorful fish you saw while snorkeling rather than the vehicle that got you there.  Overspending on your vacation will only cause you stress.  And that’s exactly opposite of what you should be trying to achieve while you’re away.  If the best bottle of champagne in the house is completely affordable to you, then go for it.  But if it costs the same amount as one of your paychecks it might be wiser to enjoy the affordable version and not have to worry about which bills won’t get paid once you get home.

Allow Flexibility in Your Schedule

Busy people need to keep a schedule and stick to it to make sure everything that needs to be done actually gets done.  Don’t treat your vacation like an extension of your work week or your extracurricular running around.  It’s fine to have some sort of schedule for your holiday, especially if there are certain things you want to experience while you’re away.  But also make sure to allow your schedule to be flexible.  Sometimes it just feels better to chill after breakfast rather than be forced to run out the door for your next excursion.  Allow yourself to sleep in or go to bed early if you feel like it.  In other words, grant yourself some free time when it feels right.

Take Advantage of Your Accommodations


Quite often the place you’re staying at offers quite a few relaxing activities that don’t require you to run off at the break of dawn.  Take advantage of what your accommodations offer.  Maybe they can rent you some sports equipment, book you a sunset tour or simply offer dinner at the in-house restaurant.  When you book an activity at your place of lodging you won’t need to worry about transportation, finding the right street or worrying about having enough time.  Simply walk out your door and saunter on over.

One of the best benefits about staying at Blue Bahia resort is that we are literally right on one of most scenic beaches in Roatan and the reef is within swimming distance. It makes it so easy to just relax on your own schedule. Lounge in a hammock, snorkel for an hour or so, sip a cocktail on the dock, take an afternoon nap, enjoy a sunset stroll, relax by the beach bonfire and gaze at the stars until you are ready to call it a night. No scheduling required!

Try Something New

A good way to take your mind off the pressures back home is to experience something new.  When trying new things, we’re forced to focus on the task in front of us.  Old worries and stresses seem to fall away when you’re concentrating on something you’ve never done before.  Maybe you can try your hand at windsurfing or scuba diving.  You might want to go for a hike if it’s something you wouldn’t normally do at home.  Stimulating a new part of your brain with brand new sensations will ultimately allow you to relax. Roatan has a number of activities, tours and excursions as would be expected, however, there are a few really neat off-the beaten path things to check out that are not only fun but a unique new experience.

Always wanted to play in a band? Steel Pan Alley is a hoot for the entire family. A school run by an accomplished musician, Miss Deborah, this unique opportunity gives you the chance to play along with steel pan drums with her students. You will get a quick lesson, learn a few songs and have a blast jamming with the band.

Another way to spend a low-key afternoon in a gorgeous jungle setting is visiting Roatan’s first microbrewery, Roatan Island Brewing Co. is open to the public for ‘Sunday Funday’ and throws an island BBQ party with cornhole, foosball, brewery tours, and of course trying out all the great beer. Just ask our staff at Blue Bahia Resort for ideas like these and any help making travel arrangements or bookings.

The next time you plan a vacation, whether it be to Roatan or anywhere else, make it a plan to relax. After all, that is what vacation should be about

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