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Why Use Reef Friendly Sunscreen when Visiting Roatan?

Why Use Reef Friendly Sunscreen When Visiting Roatan For several decades we’ve been inundated with messages about the dangers of UV rays originating from the sun.  We’ve been told to protect ourselves from those rays by using sunscreens, polarized sunglasses, and UV resistant clothing.  And although we’ve been told we... Read More

Should You Get PADI certified at home or on your Roatan Vacation?

Getting PADI certification is a big step for new divers.  Once certified for diving in open waters a whole new underwater world literally becomes accessible.  A question that often comes up for people planning their trip to Roatan is whether or not they should get PADI certified at home or... Read More

Why Choose a Roatan Boutique Resort?

Once you’ve decided you want to visit Roatan and have your flight booked, you’ll need to get down to the business of choosing a place to stay.  Like any other destination, Roatan offers a wide range of accommodation styles.  There are all inclusive luxury hotels, backpacker friendly hostels and everything... Read More
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